How to Make Turkey Tail Mushroom Tea

Looking for immune boosters against viruses? Turkey tail mushrooms are naturally active against viruses, cancers, and more. They have the ability to boost your immune system above base-line immunity levels.

This video shows you how to grow, forage, and make Turkey Tail Mushroom Tea. Turkey Tail Mushrooms have been studied at various universities throughout the world, and by the King of Mushrooms himself, Paul Stamets. With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on society and our healthcare system, it is important that we learn to incorporate natural remedies for maximum health into our lives.


MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: This mushroom may protect against viruses, but is not a known cure for Carona Virus. At best, it is a preventative that could help your body prevent getting sick. Always check with your doctor before incorporating new things into your diet that could conflict with existing health ailments, or medications.

MUSHROOM DISCLAIMER: Do not eat or consume any mushrooms if you are not 100% sure of what they are. Forage and cook at your own risk.