– About David Ranalli –

David Ranalli is a globe-trotting magician who, in his spare time, is working to lead the movement to re-forest the world.

After feeling exhausted from a life on the road, David fell in love with the mysterious art of Forest Gardening and decided to plant an “edible forest” on his own property.

Not only was it a great way to regain his strength, but also inspired a “lightbulb moment”. He realized that forests hold important solutions for our world’s biggest problems related to climate change, economics, and human health. 

The results of David’s project captured the attention of press outlets and community leadership. People were surprised to learn that tree planting is a no-brainer investment that can be part of a strategy to thrive during these unstable times. 

Fast forward to today, and David now speaks to corporate leaders around the world on how they can support and use forests as part of their culture. His seminars and programs show teams how they can think differently about product development, carbon capture, pollution control, human culture, and economics. 

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